The most ambitious ANIMAL CONSERVATION motion picture ever produced. 

6XT THE MOVIE: is one of the most ambitious ANIMAL CONSERVATION

theatrical motion picture projects in a generation.

A GAME CHANGER of a movie, exploring and exposing the multitude of factors contributing to Earth's sixth extinction event.

This fascinating, thought-provoking expose of a movie is actuality and reality at an extreme. Following the dramatic, dangerous and immensely challenging journey of the 6XT CRACK TEAM, of award-winning filmmakers, world-leading investigators, wildlife experts and scientist, as they travel the world, across continents and oceans to unravel the complexities causing a devastating decline in animal populations globally.

6XT THE MOVIE is one of the most comprehensive and dynamic investigations ever conducted into the causes of animal extinction.

It is a roller coaster of a journey, stretching from the Andes and the Amazon rainforests to the Savannah and grasslands of Central Africa. The team infiltrate criminal poaching gangs, trafficking and smuggling networks. They unravel the ‘Human Impact Spectrum’ of cause and effect as a result of relentless human consumption, analyse and assess the actual damage done to delicate ecosystems as a result of farming, agriculture, industry, pollution, climate change and wider human activity.

The 6XT team, separate facts from myths, rhetoric from reality and deliver a true account of the desperate state of Earth's wildlife. The aim of the movie is

not to scaremonger, moreover to present an impartial, accurate and honest account of the current situation.

6XT THE MOVIE: puts the chain of events that lead to an unnatural decline in animal populations under the microscope.

Working alongside the investigations and production is a scientific team, who will be compiling the 6XT - WILDLIFE EXTINCTION NETWORK REPORT, which will be presented to the UNITED NATIONS. In addition to the current status quo, the report will also include a number of chain-linked solutions that need to be implemented if we are to save Earth's wildlife for future generations.

The 6XT team have set themselves a mammoth task of changing attitudes towards animal conservation globally by raising the curtain on the dramatic, controversial and as yet often misunderstood factors contributing towards the escalating scale of the killings and the downward spiral of animal numbers that are tipping our planet towards a SIXTH EXTINCTION EVENT.


This is not a work of fiction; Team 6XT’S journey is fraught with real danger and jeopardy. Several years of research and analysis has already taken place. Production is now poised to begin as the investigations swing into action and this astonishing journey starts with cameras capturing every dramatic, emotional and jaw-dropping moment.

This rollercoaster of a ride will be an eye-opener for the world. One of the most powerful and potentially most influential animal conservation movies ever made. 



"Each and every animal on earth has as much right to be here as you and me."

                                           Anthony Douglas Williams



6XT THE MOVIE, is being entirely financed through the generousity of donors and crowd funding. The 6XT MOVIE crowd funding campaign is one of the largest ever conducted for a cinematic motion picture.



For further information on the movie or for funding enquiries please visit the link below.

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